Re: eBay says NO TO LINUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: pc (running-crazy_at_the.zoo)
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 06:26:52 GMT wrote:
: In alt.os.linux Peter Colon Man <> wrote:
: It'd be a big win for microsoft and their users:
: .) They could design their protocol to display ads^H^H^Hinformation
: featuring the latest and greatest software with options to
: purchase.
: .) The blue butterfly could intercept information that might be
: offensive before it even gets to the users computer.
: .) You could just "subscribe" to Microsoft and have everything updated
: automatically, you'd never need to use any of that "icky software"
: produced by other vendors.
: .) There would be absolutely no "viruses" because the Windows would
: not permit installation of software that did not have the
: Microsoft seal of approval. (this approval would, of course, be
: microsofts own version of a PGP key of some kind, you know, to
: keep out the hackers.)
: .) Since it's Microsofts own network, you wouldn't have to use DNS or
: any of those awful open-standards based solutions.
: .) Anyone with a license key would be in MS-Heaven?
: Think about it.
: Jamie

IDIOT! what do you think palladium (Longhorn) is! The day Bill gates
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