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From: Rob Strover (
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:35:17 GMT

"Roger Johansson" <> wrote in message
> Are there any linux e-zines, or web sites, which try to comment on the
> development of Linux?

There certainly are some useful magazines, some of which have a good online

Linux Journal
Linux Magazine - Magazine for Advanced Linux Know-How
Linux Magazine Open Source. Open Standards.

> A lot of distros means that a lot of people are trying to create new
> versions of linux, but are some people trying to tie it together again
> also? Trying to create standards, like standardisation of the setup
> program, user defined system colors, etc..

There are groups such as which tries to get all major GUI
desktop developers to adopt a common approach to developing the different
desktops via the use of a common application programming interface (API).
Thus one developer's code could work under different desktops and adopt the
local desktop conventions without code change - at least that's how I
understand the idea. To date, I believe that at least both GNOME and KDE
have adopted many freedesktop ideas in their latest releases.

> Ideas like a system color scheme which most of the programs use are often
> seen as microsoft ideas and are not implemented in linux.
See the comment above - this approach is the reason for the's

> For video card setup in linux there should be a program which can test
> different resolutions and, based on feedback from the user, set up a
> configuration in the linux system.

Under Mandrake at least, I've not found any *major* problems with the
configuration software (MCC GUI front-end) in this regard. During
installation, the video issues were well handled. With the 9.0
installation, my mouse wasn't recognised correctly, so no mouse available
during installation - a real PITA, but I was certainly able to complete
install processes with keyboard only. At the edn of installtion process, a
chance was given to alter mouse characteristics and, when x-windows finallly
started after reboot the mouse was correctly setup.

> For handling compiling and installing there should be a program which
> you how many cource code packages you have in the directory system.
> The program should give possibilities to compile or install any selected,
> and keep catalogs of source code, compiled code, executable programs,
> Buttons for cleaning up in different ways.

Under Mandrake Linux some of these areas *appear* to be, at least partially,
covered. I'm not experienced in source code handling so someone else will
have a better idea than me of the current state of play with this area.

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