Re: Bootable CD?

From: Richard Steiner (
Date: 03/10/04

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 21:06:16 -0600

Here in alt.os.linux, "Pango" <> spake unto us, saying:

>If i have a .img-file which i can write to a floppy disk and boot from, how
>can i use the same file to create a bootable CD?

You can probably take advantage of the "El Torito" standard that many
(if not most) IDE CD-ROM drives seem to support.

For more information, see this web site:

It looks like some CD burning packages under Linux make it relatively
simple to use an existing floppy image to create an El Torito bootable
CD -- just check the "make bootable CD" box (or something with a fairly
similar name <g>) and point the program at the appropriate image file.

The details will probably vary from program to program.

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