Re: What your GNU/Linux looks like? Suggestion for developers...

From: Chris F.A. Johnson (
Date: 05/17/04

Date: 17 May 2004 20:46:22 GMT

On 2004-05-17, Antti Aspinen wrote:
> I think that the GNU/Linux developers should deal with some lines to get
> more united and user friendly outlook for GNU/Linux.In order to get
> linux as desktop and operating system for home users. I have couple of
> suggestions for different kind of developers. I know that some of these
> are maybe just too much to work out.
> I am just asking as a home user to work with these things.
> First suggestion is this:
> Kernel starts with textmode where is a text that no-home user needs.
> Acctually it might make them fear that something is no right. Kernel
> developers should add some kind of option to kernel(.config) that makes
> those boot up texts disappear. Something like load gauge or just empty
> screen were reads middle of the screen, "Plase wait, Linux kernel is
> loading" or some thing like that.

    It already exists; when I install a distro which has it, the first
    thing I do is get rid of it.

> Second suggestion:
> I know that there is a system called
> BootSplash"( for linux kernel. It isn't
> official part of kernel. But I'd like to hope that it will at one
> day.

    Heaven forbid!

> And I also hope that those who are developing it take a look what their
> default theme looks like. It is ugly, gray and yellow, what a
> compination of colors. (that was too straigt, sorry.)

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, you can customize
    it however you want.

> I know a theme
> from what is much better. Take a look at it at here:

    Not bad, but not what I'd want.

> It is available for pure version too. I hope that it will be included as
> a default theme for bootsplash. Or similar to it.

> Third suggestion:
> Login screens are just too slow. When I want to login I'd like to klick
> my picture and that's it. It is the right way of doing it.

    Again, the pictures are a high priority item for removal. It does
    half a cracker's work: "This door has two keys; here's one
    of them."

> Then it will
> ask my password(if needed). And I am ready when I have typed my
> password. It will login. At today when I login with GDM, I DO have to
> write my name and then password. I know that there is a system that
> works with pictures. But dosen't work the way it should.

    How _should_ it work?

> So those whom created it. Please fix it to work as a simplier and
> faster. It is good idea however.

    It's a bad idea.

> Fourth suggestion:
> This just for those who are working with KDE, Gnome or some other
> desktop. Please for god's sake , make your desktop work and look good.

    Define "look good".

> Let's take an example from OSX, it is simple, clean and fast. I know
> about desktop wars and why Gnome was created for. I think that it is
> just stypid. Gnome is for those who work, and KDE is for those who play.

    Both are a waste of time and resources.

> Home users want a mix. Some parts to work, and some parts to play. That
> is the first priority in order to create home desktop enviroment. RedHat
> is on right track. And I think that if the development will continue
> like this I am sure that RedHat's Gnome desktop will be the best around
> here.(Ximian desktop is? oh? desktop theme!

    RedHat is no longer in the home desktop business. That has ben
    shunted off to Fedora.

> :D )And there is no competor
> for it. yet? blucurve brovides a clean outfit and makes Gnome look good.
> Not britty, but just good. And KDE could be much more than it is at now.

    When I installed Mandrake 10.0 a few weeks ago, I tried KDE for a
    while; there was no way to set it up the way I wanted it, so back
    to Windowmaker.

> Fifth suggestion:
> When you want to configure Gnome, it's config tools are lying around
> where? Those are here, there and every where.
> Gnome has a tool called "start here" or what was it? oh yeah, "configure
> center". Hey come on. You can't even call it "configure center" it is
> just folder where is links to those different tools. Gnome project
> should learn from KDE and stole that wonderful and messy configuration
> center from there. It isn't clean, but it is fast and unites a config
> tools to one program. It one program should also be adjustatible with
> other (later added) tools too. So that if you make a program that needs
> a configuration options, you could as a developer to make a "page" or
> "table" to that configuration program. Or something like that.
> Sixth suggestion:
> When you make all these look at same style or should I say theme? Then
> this BIG project is ready for home use. (for those who don't know
> computers any thing exept, power button and there is blue "e" letter on
> desktop were they can get into internet.

    "E" is for "Internet"? How intuitive!

    I don't want everything to look the same any more than I want
    every meal I eat to look like a steak, whether it is or not.

    For me, the most time consuming part of setting up my system is
    making things look different from each other.

> I prefer Crystal/Milk theme or some other (Bluecurve) theme. But
> Bootsplash, Login screen and desktop MUST BE using same theme style and
> sama themeing. It will create feeling for user that he is using
> something good. We all know Windoze? Okey, Windows is pieche of crap
> technology, but in Circus some may call WindowsXp (too colorful, ugly..)
> There is the theme that gives for user feeling that this is good and you
> can trust this. So theme covers the bad things from wxp.
> In Gnu/Linux I think that it is too technic and needs theme for covering
> it's technic experrions.(WindowsXP needs theme for covering it's
> "darkside[s]") And united theme that is good looking and dosen't disturb
> eyes with too colorful outfit is just what we need. And when this is
> applied for everything we can see in OS then we have a united OS. Not
> just somekind of 1:1 size house that is made from 10 000 000 lego pieces.
> And we need to create our own theme. Like we have our own way of doing
> things. I don't want to use just some Crystal or Milk theme clone. I
> want theme that is made from some graphic artis who understand home
> users to home users. That graphic artist needs also a information about
> what is useful and what is waste of time.

     As a former graphic artist, I know that there is no

> Well. I don't know what are you thinking about my thoughts, but I
> suggest to think and consider even one or two. I can deside suggestions
> 2 and 6 are most important in this message. Of course these all are good
> suggestions (at least from me :) ) and I hope that some one will think
> these... Really...Deep...
> -Antti Aspinen-
> Started using linux at 1999 and have seen a lot of good things happen in
> way to 2004.

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