Re: What your GNU/Linux looks like? Suggestion for developers...

From: Andy Fraser (
Date: 05/18/04

Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 10:59:12 +0100

In alt.os.linux, Antti Aspinen uttered these immortal words:

> You guys should try installing Gentoo on your machine... :D

Who says we haven't?
> KDM sucks, it is slow and you can't theme it like you can GDM.

How come my KDM starts quickly and uses my custom built ThinKeramick style?
How is GDM any more customisable? I'll admit I haven't used GDM in a while
but I've always found KDM more customisable and I like it so why change?

> Choosing
> backround picture isn't enought. KDE needs at least 128Mb when trying to
> do something. I have played Ut2003 with gnome, fluxbox and kde. the
> fastes was fluxbox, then gnome and finaly kde. I had then a 256Mb
> ddr-ram in my pc.

Of course Fluxbox is going to be faster. It doesn't have the features of
Gnome or KDE. It's a WM. Gnome and KDE are DEs. Gnome doesn't have the
features of KDE so I'd expect it to be faster than KDE.
> KDE is just for kids and those who want to play games or see videos.
> You can't theme it like you can Gnome, but you can get it to look much
> much better if you know what you are doing.

What are you talking about?

> I made a KDE theme that
> looks good, in less than 30 min. Take a look of it

We only have your word for that seeing as your name's not on it.
> KDE menus are just crazy. I tried once in KDE 3.1 just to move menu. it
> wanished somewere and I could not see it ever then. Until I installed
> whole KDE again. And this all was because KDE menu configure program is
> just what it is.

Then you screwed up.
> KDE is just toy, nothing else. But if they develop it more and make a
> better defeult outlook for it(including better way of themeing it) I
> think that I could start using it.

> Gnome sucks, because of it isn't united system. Every tool is somewere
> it supposen't to be. And it has no "configure center" like KDE has.
> Those things have lot in gnome. And they are also direct copying from M$
> shit. They made a "My Computer" icon to desktop. And worst thing is that
> you can't remove those default(computer,home,starthere) icons from
> desktop. My old gnome looks like this :

I don't have a "My Computer" in my KDE. Are you sure you've used a Linux
system recently? Maybe you were running Windows XP and got confused?

> mandrake 10 works! :D, but you can't acctually do anything with it. :(
> Not even install nvidia driver...

Did I use a different Mandrake 10 then?

> PS. Have you visited or read news lately? RedHat makes come back to
> desktop busness with new "RedHat Desktop 1" we can download it after
> mid-may...

Based on what I've read it's part of their Enterprise family and is for sale

Please take the time to fill in my questionare.

The poster I'm replying to is?
[ ] Ill-informed
[ ] Misguided
[ ] Mad
[ ] A troll

Thank you for your time.