Re: redhat 9 install fails repeatedly

From: Walter Mautner (
Date: 05/30/04

Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 09:27:47 +0200

chuck wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried about 20 times now to install redhat 9 on my system but
> it fails
> for various reasons. It will be a dual boot with windows server 2003.
> It is a
> machine about 4 years old. see link for system info
> As far as I can tell this is the most recent bios, though MSI no
> longer seems to
> acknowledge this motherboard on their site.
> Most time however i get something like this
> I am going crazy trying to get this installed. Does anyone have any
> advice?
Run memtest86 (you can download a bootable floppy from or
elsewhere). Set your bios to "failsafe defaults" if that helps.
Swap out one ram stick after the other.

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