Re: Antivirus?

From: Grant (
Date: 05/30/04

Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 14:56:53 +0100

Circuit Breaker wrote:
> On Sun, 30 May 2004 13:45:39 +0100, Grant wrote:
>>I was just wondering this morning, do i really need antivirus? the
>>reason i thought that was because i run only linux and freebsd boxes and
>>i heard that there is very limited virus's that can affect/infect a
>>bsd/linux box...
>>So i was wondering do i really need to install them virus filters on my
>>mail server? or on any of my bsd/linux boxes, if i do could someone
>>explain why....
> From what I've read in previous postings here and across the net (read,
> "Google can tell you"), the only reason that anyone has any pressing need
> to run any kinf of antivirus on their linux/unix/bsd/whatever box is when
> they are acting as a mail server for people who use Microsoft Outlook
> Express (or any other Windows-based mail reader, but most readers have the
> decency *not* to open executable file attachments by default).
> The reason is because the mail server will transfer files along with the
> mail because they're part of the message. The virus scanner should be set
> to open the mail as it passes through your linux system and remove any
> virus infections from any attachments. While it's there, you could do the
> BOFH thing ( and direct it to grep
> the e-mail for personally identifiable information along with references
> to less-than-moral acts :-DDD, but only if you have a decent lawyer or an
> extensive set of LARTs. :-D
> OTOH, if you do not serve anything to any windows machines, you *probably*
> don't have any need for antivirus whatsoever.
> Something you DO have to keep an eye out for is trojans and/or worms.
> Trojans, only if you run malicious, uncertified, unrecognized programs as
> root (gee, what's that red button do? >*click*<), and worms, because all
> software has vulnerabilities. However, as home users, we typically do not
> run the kinds of services that have the aforementioned vulnerabilities and
> therefore are at a much decreased risk, whereas it's mostly the business
> and corporate users -- who are likely to attract attention to their web
> sites, etc. -- who are at an increased risk / exposure that need to worry
> about those.
> If you need more info, hit Google, specifically and
> CJ

Neat thanks for that... seeing as i do serve a few windows clients i
think i will have a look at shoving something on there to protect them...

but for now i think i will just suggest they keep their virus guards

Thanks for the quick reply!