TIN times out reading groups from newsrc file

From: Mark Hobley (markhobley_at_hotpop.deletethisbit.com)
Date: 09/12/04

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:42:27 GMT

I am having a problem using the TIN newsreader.

I start the TIN newsreader from the command line using:

tin -r

This connects to my ISPs news server.

I get a message:

Reading groups from active file

This is followed by a spin indicator, and after a short while, I can use the
newsreader, by pressing y to get a list of newsgroups.

If I now exit tin, and start it again

tin -r

It connects to my ISPs news server as before.

I get the message

Reading groups from active file

I get the spin indicator and it downloads the group information.

Following this a new stage commences:

Reading groups from newsrc file

There is no spin indicator with this one and the program just sits there for
several minutes, before eventually timing out with an error:

Connection has timed out. Reconnect ?

After answering Y, the computer will just sit there for several more minutes,
before timing out again with the same error.

I go to my home directory and delete the file .newsrc

I start the newsreader

tin -r

It connects to the newsserver, reads groups from active file, and I can use
the program again.

However, if I quit and restart it, the timeout reading from newsrc occurs
and I have to delete that file again.

I am losing the information about my subscribed groups each time I delete
this file.

How do I fix this, so that I can start and stop the newsreader each time,
and it remembers the information about the subscribed groups ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Mark Hobley
393 Quinton Road West
B32 1QE
Reply to: markhobley at hotpop dot do_not_type_this_bit com