Re: Dual CPU Question

From: Rex Raider (
Date: 09/13/04

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 23:43:24 GMT

Plenty of others replied to my question without deconstructing it.
If you did not understand the question, you could have a) asked for
clarification, or b) done nothing at all, and allowed someone else to

As for finding out stuff on my own, I asked a question, and I got an answer.
It seems like I did that on my own.
It was far easier for me to ask my question on a Linux newsgroup, rather
than surfing the internet, or driving to a book store or library on my own.

For future questions that I might need to ask, where do you suggest I go to
find out on my own?

"P.T. Breuer" <> wrote in message
> Rex Raider <> wrote:
>> Does Linux work and support a dual CPU system? (2 Intel P3 800mhz
>> chips).
> This question is badly formed, however ...
> If you mean, is SMP supported for the ia32 architecture, the answer is
> yes, and you could have found that out on your own.
> Are you suggesting that it might not work AND yet does support SMP on
> intel? What on earth does your sentence construction mean?
> Peter