qmail virtual domains

From: Jemy (cutejemy_at_REMOVEhotmail.com)
Date: 09/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:34:02 +0800

Hi all, I followed the latest qmr guide in setting up qmail on fedora box.
Everything is running fine after installation. The only issue is that, Im
trying to setup virtual domain "example.net", "example.org" to maildir to
"example.com". So for example, email sent to jessie@example.net or
jessie@example.org will always go jessie@example.com. I have tried the
method, by which create example.net and example.org under vqadmin and set up
forward one by one of user in qmailadmin under each domains, but is there a
way more feasible. I have also tried to change
/var/qmail/control/virtualdomains but i get failure notice no mailbox with
that name. Can anybody give a suggestion?
Thanks in advance for any advice.