Tiny Linux install boot problem

From: sshh (bbee)
Date: 09/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 07:52:40 -0500

I am attempting to install Tiny Linux on an old laptop with no CD
drive. I have downloaded files to floppies per the instructions here:
http://tiny.seul.org/en/ and made a boot floppy using rawwrite.

The computer is a Dell Latttitude XPi P100SD laptop. I have a clean
2.1 GB HDD and 32 MB of ram. The machine is in good working order (as
good as it can be with a microsoft OS, that is...).

When I attempt to boot the machine from the floppy, it starts reading
the floppy then displays "LI" then just stops doing anything.

I've tried rewriting the floppy to no avail. I've tried booting to
the floppy in another machine and I get the same results.

Can anyone suggest a fix? I'm trying hard to become a linux weenie,
but getting stalled on the install boot disk does not bode well....