Re: How do I synchronize my hardware clock to GMT ?

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Date: 09/26/04

Date: 26 Sep 2004 15:59:49 GMT
To: Mark Hobley <>

Mark Hobley wrote:

>My PC Hardware clock is configured to GMT. I require a package that I can
>run from the cron (possibly once every couple of days) that will connect to a
>public internet time server, and synchronize the hardware clock to GMT.
>What package can I use for this ? I am using Debian.
>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

    There is a utility called ntp which will synchronize your clock to a
time server. It will also tweak your system clock and make it very
accurate. As your clock becomes more accurate, the traffic that NTP
generates (which is never very great to begin with) will slow down. The
hard part is getting NTP configured in the first place.

I use as my time server.



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