Re: Internet acces on Mandrake 9.2

From: Mikoangelo (zvxbnatryb_at_tznvy.pbz)
Date: 11/04/04

Date: 04 Nov 2004 19:13:19 GMT

[On on, 03 nov 2004 23:44:33 GMT, "ERACC" wrote (link:

> On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 15:28:33 +0000, Mikoangelo wrote:
>> I want to use the internet from my linux computer. I'm currently
>> running Mandrake 9.2 (don't ask), and my mothers computer (the
>> gateway, is that what it's called, the computer that's plugged
>> onto the internet, and I use to do the same?) is running WinXP
>> Pro. How do I do that?
> You really need to provide more information about the internet
> setup. Dial-up? xDSL? Cable? Router? Is there a switch involved?
> Does your mother's XP box have 2 NICs? Does your Linux box have 2
> NICs?

I really don't know all these things.
The gateway uses a connection over an antenna cable (no dial-up).
I've got an ethernet hub, but I don't know how to use it.
What's a NIC?
Sorry for being such a bad poster, but I really don't know all these
things. I'm a web-programmer, for heavens sake, I don't do hardware! :)

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