Samba access by Windows users locking out directory access with Konqueror

From: Harry (
Date: 12/03/04

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    Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 08:26:32 -0500


    A strange problem that took me a while to track down. I had been having
    problems, thinking it was a KDE Konqueror problem, browsing directories on
    the local Linux machine. I would get to a certain directory, and Konqueror
    (or other KDE apps browsing directories) would just hang and stall.

    After a while, I noticed that it was always a directory that one of my
    family members was working in over Samba from their Win XP boxes. In other
    words, my son is doing work on a file for school using Microsoft Word,
    accessing the file on the Linux server. The directory where all the
    family's work files are is a mapped drive on each of their Windows

    It's strange, because if I use the command line and change to the directory
    where their files are on my Linux box, ie:

    cd /home/family/Documents/wpdocs_Robbie/2004_2005/History_102

    I can change to the directory properly, and list the files just fine. If I
    use Midnight Commander (MC), I can move to the directory and view the
    files. However, if I use Konqueror to browse there, or even other KDE apps
    such as K3B, it stalls and locks.

    If I walk over to my son's machine, and close the file, Konqueror becomes
    responsive again and I can browse the subject directory.

    I have Suse 9.1, the latest Suse samba rpms 3.0.9-1.1, and the latest KDE
    from Suse.

    Thank you.

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