Re: Knoppix is real slow!!

From: Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman (
Date: 12/14/04

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 11:22:32 +0530

On 12/14/04 03:14, 7 wrote:
> Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman wrote:
>>On 12/13/04 07:13, 7 wrote:
>>>You are guys at M$ are pretty shitty when it comes
>>>to nym shifting and astro turfing for M$.
>>>I hope they pay you 30 pieces of silver.
>>BTW, who pays people like you to waste bandwidth, resources on Usenet
>>servers and time (at least, if not yours, but of all other readers).
>>IMHO, if this not hurts you and, or other such posters; the following
>>are interesting pages even for seasoned Linux users and newbies:
>>I promise, I shall try to be more befriend from today onwards!
> How flat fish?
> Nym shifted again!
> You are a totally dishonest M$ astroturfer and
> afraid of using your real identity in case the money
> route can be traced back to M$.

Instead of reading my post carefully, you started barking like a dog.
Is that the only way you enjoy wasting bandwidth, resources on Usenet
servers and time (if not yours, but all other subscribers to Usenet)?

You, SOB! It is your fault, if can't identify me. All of the other
posters over here can easily confirm that I'm using my real name and
identity since long.

And who the hell you are to ask my identity?

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