Re: Need Help with post debian 3.0 install

From: Andy Fraser (
Date: 12/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:34:14 +0000

In alt.os.linux, tmt uttered these immortal words:

> ok. understand the general gist of the discussion. I got an install
> with about 7 disks worth of debian stuff. first how do I find out
> which cd has the kde software.

Look at the APT docs at Check out apt-cdrom ("man

> next, I'm not afraid of the command
> line but what programs can you run from the command line other than low
> level admin stuff. I can't run OOO or even get on the internet with
> the command line can I?

You can run anything you like from the command line. If what you want to run
needs X then you need to have X running.
> I'm also aware there are a few files that need configuring, variables
> that need to be changed, etc. I'm just somewhat lost for where to find
> them and how to edit them.

Specific questions are the only way to get help with this. I have no idea
what you need to change. There isn't any info in your post to work with to
give any specific answers.

> I have tried VI and for now I hate it,
> maybe because I just don't understand it, so then I logically decide to
> get another editor and install it but guess what, now I'm back where I
> started because I either download it off the net burn to cd and then
> copy to a directory or try and find it on the 7 disks worth of cd's,

See above.

> then I have to figure out if I should use dpkg or apt or whatever the
> protocol is on linux to tell it to unpack and install it,

dpkg is the lower level package installer. APT uses dpkg in the background.
As I said above and else where, learn to use APT. These are Debian
specific, not Linux specific.

> then, I have
> to screw around with the linux equivalent of the path arguments, then
> it might work. truth is if I could do that I'd probably not have a
> problem with getting kde to run.

Once you understand APT everything will become clear.
> another issue was it seems you can't just install kde.

Yes you can. "apt-get install kde" works for me.

> you have to
> download the main file and whatever extensions you want for it.
> someone please take pity on the newbie and correct me where I'm wrong.

Again, see above.

> I don't care about working from the command line. quite honestly if
> their were a way to do everything in the command line without using
> gui, I would do it.

There is. Linux is perfectly usable only from the command line. You need X
to run X apps though.

> It would allow me to run using a 386 instead of
> any athlon or whatever.

As I've stated else where in this thread, Debian isn't that good for newbies
to *nix. Debian is excellent if you want total control over your OS. Debian
Stable is excellent if you want a rock solid server or you're not too
bothered about the age of the desktop environments/window managers and apps
but you need some idea of what you're doing.

Download Knoppix. It's Debian based, runs directly from a CD so you can play
with it and can be installed to your HDD if you want to make it permanent.

Download Mandrake 10.1. It's very newbie friendly and a great environment to
learn in.