Re: Recommendations on switching from RedHat to new distro?

From: Larry I Smith (
Date: 12/29/04

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 22:43:56 GMT

Larry I Smith wrote:
> Scott Smith wrote:
>> Some time back, I installed RedHat Linux on a Dell Dimension XPS T800r
>> box at home and set up CVS, Samba, Eclipse, and a few other things on
>> it. About a year later, RedHat stopped free updates/support for
>> weekend users like me, so I'm looking to switch to another distro.
>> A friend at work recommended SuSE. I went to the web site, but had
>> trouble figuring out what to download. The RedHat stuff came on CD and
>> was easy to set up.
>> I don't want to start a war here, but can someone recommend a distro
>> that is friendly to a non-power user such as myself? (and maybe point
>> me to the CD images or whatever?)
>> Thanks very much in advance.
>> -Scott
> Normally, you purchase 'SuSE Linux Professional' from your
> nearest computer store (Best Buy, Fry's, etc) for $89 US.
> It includes 2 printed manuals, 2 dual-layer DVD's, and 5
> CD's. The Install DVD (DVD 1) contains the entire distro
> (Linux and 1000+ apps). DVD 2 contains all of the sources.
> The 5 CD's contain a 'reduced' version of the distro (not
> as many apps) for those folks who can't boot from a DVD.
> As of SuSE Pro v9.2 (the current version), SuSE no longer
> provides downloadable ISO files for the entire distro.
> Regards,
> Larry

You can also buy it here, and have it delivered.


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