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From: KT (
Date: 03/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 17:13:57 GMT

If you think that's good ( I have tried Mepis and other Debian based
Distros) - you ought to look at Kubuntu - a derivative of Ubuntu but KDE 3.4
and the bleeding edge technologies it contains AND works - I love Kynaptic
for it. Been running it for 4 days now - it has replaced my main laptop OS
(from XP).

"daman" <> wrote in message
> This is somewhat of a distro specific rant, but it performs well and
> really looks good. Just installed mepis and it's great! This thing is
> the best distro as far as the manner in which everything works
> together. And that's no small task. Hey, everything works (for the most
> part). I'm fairly new to linix (did i spell that right)/;-| Mepis is
> Debian based right?It looks good also. Kinda snazzy!!! And boy, that's
> really top drawer! Thanks Warren and the team for cordinating, managing
> and developing a fine distro. This really raises the bar for the next
> wave of progenitors combining and newly developing
> distros. Thanks guys.

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