Re: Linux, The Great Time Waster!!

From: Saint Vincent (
Date: 03/26/05

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 15:43:30 -0500

Actually Dick,
it works really great. It's very intuitive. Possibly you need more time on
computers in general. Does the name Dick Trouser have anything in common
with "Trouser Trout"??
"Dick Trouser" <> wrote in message
> Does ANYTHING actually work with Linux other than basic web browsing
> and email? I made the mistake of wasting the last 4 days trying to make
> Suse 9.2 at least as functional as my Windows system and so far it has
> been a losing proposition. The first problem was that 4 of my hardisks
> were not recognized by the install program. They are installed on the
> built in RAID controller, but are not running as RAID, just as normal
> IDE drives. Windows sees them as such and they work fine. I do some
> research and discover that this Asus board has a VIA6410 controller
> that Linux with kernel 2.6 is supposed to support but I see no way to
> make it work. I do even more research and see on the kernel mailing
> list that I must compile the kernel and turn on something called
> "config_scsi_sata_via" even though these are not SAT drives. So now
> what the hell is a kernel compile? Well I find information on that and
> it doesn't look too hard except that I have to install a ton of
> packages to make it work and I install/try/install some more missing
> ones/try again and still I can't compile because I am always missing
> one package or another.
> Finally I scratch the install and re-install, this time checking the
> install everything box. Ok so now dutifully following the kernel
> compile how-to I do a make menuconfig and start searching for these
> options.
> I find nothing, and I can't find any other information on this.
> Wow, I though Linux was well documented. It might be documented but
> much of it is outdated, obtuse and just plain wrong and inaccurate.
> IOW there seem to be a lot of people asking questions but so very few
> answers.
> So I move on, who needs 4 200 gig drives anyway since I have 2 more on
> the standard IDE controllers and they work.
> Now I try and get my Nvidia MX4000 PCI card to work. I use Yast to
> install the Nvidia package and it hoses the whole system leaving me
> with some vesa driver that makes the screen really small and almost
> unviewable. I use another computer to search this problem out and
> finally figure out how to manually install the software and change the
> xorg.conf file by hand. So now this works, or at least I see an Nvidea
> aplsash screen.
> Moving on to playing some videos I soon discover that the
> xine/mplayer/kaffeine program included with Suse is somehow brain
> damaged and won't play anything.
> More research and I find some cumbuca site that seems to have what I
> need. I install these 20 packages or so and now video plays but the
> sound skips.
> I discover by yet more searching that artsd is not what I should be
> using so I switch it to alsa and turn off artsd which took a couple of
> hours to figure out. So now this works.
> Now I try and use my iPod MINI which is supposed to work with gtkpod.
> No luck again, this is starting to become a PITA at this point.
> I'm on the web again but I notice firefox seems sluggish on some sites
> and I stumble on directions to turn off ipv6 in suse and that fixes
> that problem.
> Oh yea my CDROM skips as well so I figured out how to turn on DMA along
> with all the rest of the things I am figuring out.
> Back to the ipod MINI. I find a place that says I have to disable
> config_efi_partition in the kernel because it is causing the ipod MINI
> to report incorrect sector size.
> Ok so back to make menuconfig and this time I find the entry, disable
> it and do a compile and modules install per the documentation.
> I see the warning to run /sbin/lilo prior to rebooting and I do it.
> I reboot the system and it reboots but when the gui starts up I am left
> with that miserable VESA driver and I can barely see the screen.
> I try installing the nvidia driver again but this time it won't take
> and gives me all kinds of errors, dumps me at a command prompt and
> that's the end of it.
> At this point I have HAD IT UP TO MY EARS with Linux.
> This operating system just plain sucks beyond belief.
> How in hell is an average person going to figure out all the things I
> had to go through?
> And more importantly, WHY should they have to.
> Windows XP worked perfectly with everything listed above and at worst I
> had to put the CD that came with the hardware in the drive and that was
> it.
> Linux is a great time waster but in todays world time is precious and
> is certainly not free.
> Is Linux really free?
> I don't think so, at least not when time has a dollar value.
> For those that like to tinker, Linux might be great.
> For me?
> I'd rather be running applications then trying to un-hose this mess
> called Linux.
> Dick
> P.S. Please don't tell me how this is all fixed in the:
> 1. Next release of Suse.
> 2. Another distribution
> 3. Gentoo
> I've been hearing the same dribble for years and nothing has changed.
> Linux still sucks.