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From: Juan Casero (
Date: 04/28/05

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 21:37:25 -0400

What a bunch of bull shit. Linux and Unix in general is no more obscure
than Windows. You dumb asses say it because you have been conditioned by
microsoft to expect everything to look and feel like windows. Believe it
or not lots of people used computers for decades before windows came along.
I am so tired of this pointless argument.


B wrote:

> Do you know why linux is definitely not the best OS?
> Check this
> Out of curiosity, I have installed two linux distributions, in the past :
> red-hat and mandrake. I spent some time discovering what that linux hype
> was all about, what the GUI was like, what "cool" options KDE (or any
> other desktop manager) had to offer, the general look-and-feel of those
> so-called better alternatives to windows.
> Well, getting past the thrills of installation, my experience went down to
> disappointment and frustration. Things so trivial as changing the screen
> resolution seemed deeply obscure, and the help system downright cryptic.
> Plus I got a strange feeling that beyond those windows-like
> bells-and-whistles, the linux OS uncovers its real nature and betrays its
> unixish origins : an unfriendly piece of software with obscure rules and a
> complex architecture, with little or no general consistency (like a
> patchwork). Linux is aimed at the geek, the "leet"-wannabe, all those
> people who are so childishly narrow-minded and intolerant that they can't
> stand the name of microsoft, and they can't admit windows is doing a great
> job as a family desktop OS.
> So I switched back to windows. Everything is so smooth, under windows. No
> need to be a technical expert or an IT engineer to get the system work the
> way you want.
> Unlike *nix fanatics, I don't mean to boast about any sort of
> computer-related knowledge. Let it only be said that I'd not define myself
> as a lambda user. I know DOS 6.22, batch coding, and I know my way into
> the registry. I've also installed FreeBSD on another hard-drive, so as to
> get a taste of what was aside from the microsoft world.
> Well from all that experience, I can tell you I love Windows.
> Recently I was in need of a good word processor, for professional use. I
> decided to make my own review of what was available, and downloaded the
> following products:
> 602PCsuite, abi-word, easy-office, and, inevitably, open-office.
> I found them to suffer from either a crippled interface, a plague of bugs
> (especially abi-word), or an unprofessional look (some apps are apparently
> configured for use in a 1024*768 screen resolution...). Plus I noticed
> some of them don't uninstall properly (602 PC suite leaves unwanted
> file-associations in the registry).
> So I bought MS-Word. Yes, that's right, unlike most of those who trash
> windows, I took the trouble of *buying* Word. None of my MS software is a
> pirated copy. If you guys hate microsoft so much then ditch windows,
> office, IE, etc... and go away! It's not as if anybody wanted to force you
> to use something against your will.
> As to security, I don't understand all that fuss around MS products. As an
> avid web-user, I (think that I) have taken the appropriate steps to ensure
> my system is secured enough, and I have never had any sort of trouble in
> years. Have all those people kvetching about windows security really taken
> the trouble of reviewing the tools and options available before laying the
> blame on microsoft? A restrictive configuration of the internet zone in IE
> (disable anything that is not marked as "safe", set other options to
> "prompt"), the association of Outlook with the restricted-sites zone, the
> acquisition of a firewall, an antivirus and an antispyware sound good to
> me. Keep your system up-to-date, and, since the SMT protocol allows
> anybody to impersonate an innocent e-mail user, never trust e-mail
> attachments, even if they appear to come from a friend of yours.
> The bottom line : that hate campaign against microsoft makes me sick.
> Keep thinking you are intellectually superior and that "windoze lusers"
> are pathetic wimps that need to get a life, it makes your "culture" sound
> immature and unwelcoming.
> As to me, I will definitely not waste a cent on any linux/unix/sun related
> software... and you know money is the name of the game.

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