Re: Maximum Swap Partition Size

From: Michael B. Trausch (
Date: 06/10/05

Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 17:47:35 -0400

Eric wrote:
> Mike: swap limit is 2 gig
> But.... consider this: you can always add swap files. So 1st check
> how much swap you are actually using, run top or whatever floats your
> boat. look at what is actually being used now. There is a HUGE box
> of mis-information about swap out there, most of it comes from
> windows users and you just have to ignore it as it doesnt apply to
> linux at all. I have run servers and a number of apps (kernel
> compiles, x, etc etc) trying to force large swap usage, I have
> checked swap usage on various" very heavily used" linux farms and i
> have found this: small swap space of say 128 megs or so is good for
> all but the most specialized uses and it will never get used up.
> There are certain very specific cases where swap needs to
> dramatically increase but I already know you wont hit them because
> you would already have mentioned it. In any case, if for some wild
> reason you needed more swap space, you can "on the fly" just create a
> swap file and it will be used in conjunction with your swap
> partition. IMO this is a much better strategy than creating a 2 gig
> swap partition and throwing away the all that unused disk space
> Eric

Well, you can find out if you have not enough by normal usage. If you
start running out of memory, then random processes will be terminated by
the kernel, if you're out of RAM+Swap.

        - Mike