UBUNTU Hoary Hedgehog on Acer TM2200 & Sony Vaio PCG-215B

From: Alison Mitchell (alison217a_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 07/11/05

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 20:54:15 GMT

Okay. I'm a Linux noob.

Ubuntu was very easy to install on both these machines. The OS
recognised all the hardware and everything appears to work okay.

Also Ubuntu co-exists well dual-boot with MS Windows XP Pro.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough that Ubuntu was VERY easy to get
working on these boxes (along with Windows). And by and large it works
well in almost every regard. BUT...

I have a few problems:

1. Ubuntu will not play proprietary multimedia formats like
DVD/MPEG/DIVX. Yeh. I know there's some stuff you can download and
install to make this happen (Xine/Mplayer etc.). But for experts only
I fear. And those on the Net who give advice all too often assume much
prior knowledge, which I and others similar just do not have. All this
'usr' 'dev' 'get' 'rpm' stuff might as well be double-Dutch to me and
mine. For us installations mean only two clicks and a restart.

2. Thus my second point - installing plugins and new programs is a
bitch (not like Windows at all)

3. Ordinary AVI files don't play as smoothly as on Windows. They're
jerky. Also - the sound on some audio CDs is distorted.

Otherwise - three cheers for Ubuntu, speshully cos its FREE and is
only a compact CD-ROM install (unlike some other distros like SUSE).

Nevertheless - and I guess I'm gonna get flamed for saying this - as
an experienced Windows/Mac user in a commercial setting I cannot
really see Ubuntu (or any flavour of Linux for that matter) coming out
of Geekland and gaining widespread popularity until some smart person
(similar to Bill Gates perhaps - YOU even) understands that simple
punters like me (yer average computer-using Janice) just haven't got
the time or the inclination to acquire the level of expertise that it
appears is essential to run a LINUX system as easily as a Windows one.

So c'mon peeple. Let's be having:

1. Automatic installers for programs and plugins.
2. Wide multimedia support. No jerky movies and crappy sound.

Then, provided the price is right (and people will pay if it all works
well and is cheaper than Windows) YOU can become the richest man/woman
in the world - just like Bill (but with LINUX).

Sounds like a great deal to me - and I just KNOW you CAN do it.

Meanwhile, might I suggest that, when giving advice to noobs (like
me), you assume they are complete idiots and give detailed
instructions about every manoeuvre. IMHO this approach will take LINUX
in general much further than it has gotten so far. This on the premise
(of course) that that is what people want, namely a fine alternative
to MS Windows.

P.S. Giving OSes daft names like 'Hoary Hedgehog' doesn't exactly
inspire confidence either. Too 'Geeky' or, as we girls sometimes say,
'Spotty boy who wouldn't leave you alone in high school'.

So - Pleeeeease. Think again...

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