Re: three questions

From: Johnno (jstt_at_alphalink.invalid)
Date: 07/14/05

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    Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 14:59:44 +1000

    Andy Fraser <> wrote in message
    > Asking for a distro recommendation is actually pretty pointless IMHO
    > even though we all give them. Different people will like different
    > distros for different roles for different reasons. You might have to try
    > a few before you find one you really like.
    Yeah, I've noticed that, and I should have realized it right from the start.
    It's like "which car do you like". I was even going to ask which distros to
    keep away from, but that would probably be worse :)
    I've decided to pick up a second box from somwewhere, and use that to try a
    few out. Even though I've heard that dual booting is OK, I'm not game enough
    to try it. Thanks,
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