Re: hp pc recovery and dual boot linux

From: SINNER (
Date: 07/14/05

Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 15:29:05 GMT

* Wrote in alt.os.linux:

> I am trying to load linux on a second hard drive on my hp pc
> (pavilion 734n). it loads fine. i follow the installation
> instructions to install grub and after everything has installed i
> can reboot into linux, but when i boot into windows xp the demonic
> hp pc recovery system takes over and wipes out grub from the mbr
> (hda1). how can i get these two systems to co-operate peacefully?
> it seems that the usual advice is to wipe out windows (something i
> don't want to do). install redhat/fedora, then re-install windows
> from recovery cds. i saw another method that involves copying the
> linux image onto the c: drive and then editing boot.ini... it
> seems error prone and not likely to get around the recovery
> system.
> what i'd like is to just turn the stupid recovery system off
> before i install linux and then install linux and be able to boot
> from each OS. afterwards i'd like to restore the recovery system
> so that it won't think having another OS on the machine requires a
> recovery.
> any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Does the machine have a floppy? Use it to boot instead.


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