Microsoft's Vista, A Technological Wonder.

From: Tommy (
Date: 08/01/05

Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 15:55:42 -0400

Like, wow, Microsoft's Vista, the former Longhorn, is now only more than a
year away. With this latest beta, we're finally going to see lots of really
new, cool features.

For example, it's going to have speech recognition! How cool is that!?
Since IBM's OS/2 Warp introduced that feature to operating systems in 1996,
we haven't had more than half-a-dozen new operating systems with voice
recognition built in.

Better still, it's going to include a new DRM (digital rights management
system) Microsoft's RMS (Rights Management Services) client. That way I
know when I buy music or videos off the Web, I know Microsoft will make
sure that I can't illegally back it up or put it on an iPod or anything
else like that. It's so nice of them to make sure I can only use the files
that I bought on real Vista systems.

There's also this spiffy driver protection plan. With it, I know that any
equipment I buy has to come from a vendor who has made a deal with
Microsoft. I certainly wouldn't want to buy a network or graphics card from
someone who doesn't have a contract with Microsoft.

Vista's also going to have lightning fast search. Boy, I can't wait for
that. Just think in just more than a year, or maybe two, I can have that
instead of having to use Mac OS Tiger's Spotlight or SUSE Linux's Beagle or
Google Desktop Search on Windows. It will be worth the wait!

It's also going to have this spiffy new file system called WinFS (Windows
File System)… oh wait, that was canned last year. At least Linux doesn't
have a new file system either. Well, except for Reiser4, and so what if it
may be the fastest desktop file system ever.

I mean if you're talking Linux, you're also talking command lines and shell
programming and with Monad, its new object-oriented shell programming,
Microsoft shows that it can do a command line even better than… oh wait.
That was cancelled too, wasn't it?

Well, at least Vista is based on the newest and greatest application
development platform ever! .Net Framework! What? Oh, it's not?

OK… well it is still going to have IPv6 networking support. Of course, Mac
OS X has had that since Panther a couple of years ago. And Linux has had it
since 1996, but we know Microsoft will do an even better job of implanting
it right? Right!

Vista is also going to be the fastest Windows ever. Of course, you'll need a
really fast—say 3GHz or better—processor, 512MBs of RAM, and a high-end
graphics processor, but hey, you'll only need to upgrade, say, 90 percent
of your company's computers. You can afford that?

I mean you wouldn't want to upgrade to say SUSE Linux Professional 9.3, Red
Hat's Fedora Core 4 or Debian 3.1, which can already do everything Vista
will do tomorrow on less expensive hardware for less money today would you?

Of course not!

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