Re: how to check what has done on a computer?

From: Unruh (
Date: 10/01/05

Date: 1 Oct 2005 19:08:10 GMT

"Ross" <> writes:

>"Unruh" <> wrote in message
>> "Ross" <> writes:
>>>i try to look at log files but can't obtain what i want. if i suspect sb.
>>>somehow knows my root password and used it to delete some of the files in
>>>disk, how can i check? thx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
>> You cannot. If he has root then he can cover up his tracks. Immediately
>> change your root password, and probably wipe the disk and reinstall.

>oh, just suppose he is not clever enough to clean up all the traces, so what
>can i try to look for? thx~~

history under root
Just type history