Re: Slightly confused about particular linux news group?

From: Leo (Bing) Whiteway (
Date: 10/02/05

Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 16:50:47 GMT

M wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Probable a daft question but here goes anyway.
> I can see the news group linux.debian.user from both Outlook on my windows
> PC and KNode on my linux box.
> Having gone to it looks to me that if you want to post
> questions/answers to this group you have to subscribe and give them an
> e-mail address.
> Presumable you will then be sent the news group postings by email? This
> seems to be a waist of time and bandwidth if you can use a news group
> reader to look at them.
> The more annoying consequence will be the avalanche of spam that will
> arrive at that E-Mail address.
> Is there any way round this? Is there a way to post questions/answers to
> this news group with subjecting yourself to the avalanche of spam?
> Regards,
> M
It sounds to me as if you are confusing a FORUM and a NEWS GROUP.
With most forums you need to login with a password. With the news groups the
only reason I add an email address is because my Mozilla mail requires it.
I use a web mail address for this. Much easier for me to block the spam with web
mail. With news groups you don't get messages in email. You only read the news
groups when and if you want.