Newbie help with networking

From: Spare Brain (
Date: 11/03/05

Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 21:45:11 GMT


I am new to Linux, esp to LiveCD. It seems like a wonderful thing, if only I
can get the network going!

I am trying to work from a laptop with broken HDD. I am using a PCLinuxOS
LiveCD. I am using a DWL-G650 D-Link pcmcia card.

I could use the configurator to set up the SSID, WEP, et al for the card and
it seems to connect (status lights blinking). However, I am unable to reach
anywhere! I tried the following to set up the IP address, etc:

ifconfig ath0 netmask up

It seems to work fine, and when I do a ifconfig ath0, I see the assigned IP
as in my command. However, ping fails (Destination Host
Unreachable). Not surprisingly, it also fails for ping
(unknown host ...).

I have included the following in /etc/resolv.conf, but it did not make any

Any help would be appreciated.