Re: Smallest distribution to connect to a MS VPN server
Date: 11/10/05

Date: 9 Nov 2005 15:05:27 -0800

> There is a lighter weight liveCD called the lnx-bbc which used to be
> able to have programs added using something like apt-get on debian. I
> am unsure how it did what it did. As far as I know it still boots a 2.4
> kernel and it has a light weight blackbox type window manager.
> Another way perhaps is to download the iso image you want and try to add
> the pptp client binary files when you mount the iso using a loopback
> mount and then reburn the iso image to CD after. I've done similar
> things with redhat's kickstart floppies but not with a complex liveCD.
> You could also just use the "pon" command on a debian system to launch a
> pptp session. I've done it both ways; using the graphical client and
> the pon command line program. I think it was pon at least since that
> seems to be what I remember the most before switching to openvpn.

Thanks, Michael. I learned meanwhile that SLAX (a modular live CD) has
a module for pptp, which is able to establish VPN connections with MS
Windows servers. To simplify the process, a script (to work together
with pptp) is being written. Probably, pptp client could also be easily
installed on SLAX.