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In alt.os.linux Walter Mitty <mitticus@xxxxxxxxx>:
> "Michael Heiming" risked the wrath of Usenet weenies when he ventured forth
> on 2005-12-27, commmitted his life to the whims of Google, and espoused:

>> In alt.os.linux SINNER <99nesorjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> [..]
>>> On the flip side, I do work for many, many banks and their machines are
>>> locked so tight that some don't even have _windows_ explorer installed
>>> (note, that is not IE I am talking about.)
>> I'd close down my account immediately should I get aware that my
>> bank would use doze on their servers.

> You casn pretty much be assured that their networks do indeed include NT.

I'm so glad you know everything about my bank, without even
knowing the name. You must be consultant?

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