Re: Vote to change default reply style!

"Davorin Vlahovic" risked the wrath of Usenet weenies when he ventured forth
on 2005-12-28, commmitted his life to the whims of Google, and espoused:

> On 2005-12-28, Walter Mitty <mitticus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Fact: at work people are supposed to work, not troll the newsgroups
>> Which I can only assume you are doing now with such a one eyed
>> response.
> Actually, I'm on a vacation :)
>> I assume you considered that people use GG to ask questions
>> that are work related?
> If it were work related nntp would be allowed :)

No it wouldn't. Read the thread and real life situations.

"Fascinating. Want a pretzel??" : Hooper