Re: Replacement for Media Player Classic?

Jef Driesen wrote:
I'm slowly migrating from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu 5.10). And for most part everything is going very smooth, except for playing media files. On windows I have always used the very powerful Media Player Classic (

What mediaplayer should I try? This are my most important requirements:
* Clean and functional GUI (no fancy skins).
* Can play all DVDs (and supports all features like menus, navigation...).
* Can play all file formats (MPEG4, WMV, MPG just to name a few).
* Supports subtitles (in separate files like *.srt).
* Easily to customize settings (like audio volume, repeating,...).
* Can reuse existing windows when launching another mediafile from another program (eg file manager, webbrowser).

And optionally
* Simple playlist
* Customizable keys

Any suggestions?

Mplayer can do most of those things and kmplayer is a frontend for it in KDE, so if you install your distribution, make sure to include it... :-)

And if you are looking for a program to play MP3's, Amarok is a bit like Itunes.