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On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 16:01:42 +0000, Joe727 wrote:

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>> On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 01:39:06 +0000, Joe727 wrote:
>>> I am using Firefox on Suse 10, but you can't right click and Delete
>>> newsgroup threads you don't want, since they're not downloaded from the
>>> server.
>>> That's ridiculous since you end up with a bunch of posts you can't get
>>> rid
>>> of. The 'mark as read' etc., options are a poor substitute for Delete
>>> IMO.
>>> Although the Firefox newsreader is not very good, it is much better than
>>> Pan. However, I do like the way e-mail is laid out in Firefox. In fact,
>>> I
>>> am beginning to like it better than OE.
>>> Filtering is too drastic, since I like to quickly browse what's posted in
>>> case there might be some useful information I can use later.
>>> I was thinking about running Outlook Express in Wine, but I'd rather use
>>> a
>>> newsreader that will natively run in Linux.
>>> Can anyone suggest a newsreader that downloads the threads like in OE
>>> which
>>> can be selectively deleted?
>> I'm assuming you mean Thunderbird, not Firefox. As others have pointed
>> out, Firefox is a Web browser, not a newsreader or email client.
>> Thunderbird is the newsreader/email client by Mozilla.
>> Anyway, if I am not wrong in assuming you are using Thunderbird ( which is
>> probably the closest thing to OE ), you can Ignore a thread, which will
>> result in that thread not being displayed the next time you view that
>> particular newsgroup.
>> To do this, select the thread you want to "delete" and hit the "k" key, or
>> go to the "Message" menu and select "Ignore Thread". This will
>> initially put a red "x" next to the thread, indicating it is to be
>> ignored, and the next time you pull up that particular newsgroup, that
>> thread will not be displayed. If you kill a thread that has been
>> cross-posted to multiple groups, it will no longer be displayed in any
>> newsgroup you view.
>> As also pointed out previously, this does not actually "delete" the
>> thread. It simply tells your news reader to not display it, and to not
>> download the headers for that thread anymore. Not sure if it deletes it
>> from the news reader's cache, but that shouldn't matter anyway.
>> HTH
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>> - Matt -
> Yes, I meant Thunderbird, and 'Updated' my initial post to reflect that. If
> I choose to ignore a thread, then any additional posts to that thread also
> will be ignored. If I do that, I won't have the opportunity to look at any
> additional posts in that thread.

Then I'm not sure if Thunderbird will do what you want exactly...But you
may want to look at filters. I don't use Thunderbird for news too much,
mainly for email. Although at work I do use it on Windows for news.
Anyway, some of the other suggestions in this thread seem to indicate you
may have options. Play arouund and see if you can get close to the
functionality you want, since it is safe to say that OE via Wine will not
be nearly as stable.

> For example. One poster here accused me of complaining and to just stick to
> Windows. Now, in OE, I can selectively delete that post but keep all the
> others. If I ignore the thread, then useful information like you posted
> will be ignored as well.

That's one nice thing about scoring posts...You can score based on any
number of criteria, and view accordingly. So things like knode, pan etc.
may have what you're looking for, even if you don't like them currently.

Another suggestion is to check the Thunderbird forums. People there can
almost certainly help you out. In fact, I'd be suprised if the issue
wasn't already brought up, so a search of older messages there may turn up
the info you need :

- Matt -