Re: Dual boot with Windows XP home?

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:44:58 +0000, Nog wrote:

> jt wrote:
>> I'm interested in trying Linux and I've downloaded and burned a Mandriva
>> CD
>> and an Ubuntu CD. I currently have Windows XP home edition. Are there
>> any good step-by-step guides to installation for either of these distros
>> so that I don't completely bork my system?
> You haven't had any real fun if you haven't borked your system a few times.

Secondhand desktop PCs are sooo cheap that it's really worth having a
spare machine that you can experiment on freely, knowing that if^H^H when
you b0rk it badly you can simply do a fresh install of something new to
clean it up.

Motto: safe data makes for happy experimenting.

> It will take many linux installations before you are happy with one.

The more you do the happier you get in the hope that one day you will
find...The One.

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