Re: Which Linux Distubtion do you use..

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:23:49 +0000, Walter Mitty wrote:

> "ray" risked the wrath of Usenet weenies mastering
> mommies computer when he ventured forth on 2006-01-31, commmitted
> his life to the whims of Google, and spluttered:
>> On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:15:40 -0800, pai wrote:
>>> Hi..
>>> Which Linux Distribution do you use and why do you like it. Some
>>> features also about it plese do mention.
>>> Pai
>> I use: Elive, kubuntu and Gentoo.
>> I use Gentoo on my mini-itx system because, being all compiled from
>> source, it flies! I use Kubuntu mostly on other machines - I've been very
>> impressed with the ease of doing an upgrade with debian derived systems,
>> and they are solid. I use Elive (another Debian derivative with
>> Enlightenment desktop) on old, slow machines.
> All Linux is compiled from source. What do you mean?
> There is rarely much speed improvement to be made by compiling your
> own kernel IMO.

When you install most distributions 'out of the box' very little if any
compilation takes place. You install software that has been compiled for a
'generic 386' or 'generic 586' or 'generic 686' processor. When you
install Gentoo from stage one, no precompiled software is installed. The
entire system is installed by downloading the source code and compiling
it. If you have set specific optimizations for your system, they are
honored. I have used the VIA mini-itx specific wiki to build an entirely
customized and optimized Gentoo system for you mini-itx. It runs a LOT
faster than any out of the box distribution of Linux.