Re: OT - What is the proper netiquette?

Johan Lindquist wrote:
So anyway, it was like, 14:14 CET Feb 22 2006, you know? Oh, and, yeah,
Jason was all like, "Dude,

Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:


I want to make files available by ftp.
I want a web site that I control.
I want the flexibility of running my own mail server.
I want to host my own domain.

None of which are legitimate reasons for a home user to be running

Pray tell, why?

I think the reasoning behind why home users dont need and shouldn't be running the above has been covered more then sufficently.

If you still don't grasp it my having to explain it once more, most likely not as good as the other folks who have explained it previously, won't matter.

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