Re: Fetchmail/postfix in multidrop mode?

In <dv8gvp$fh3$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on Wed, 15 Mar 2006 08:49:34 +0100,
Jef Driesen wrote:

I thought procmail is a mail delivery agent (MDA) and is used to sort
incoming mail to different folders inside a single maildir.

I'm not quite sure what kind of distinction you
believe exists between "maildir" and "folder". As far
as I'm concerned, they are the same thing... so there
appears to be a communication failure.
Whatever you think you mean, you can use procmail to
send incoming mail wherever you want... a different
directory, a different user, a different machine.

Can I use it
to deliver to another user maildir also? Could you provide some small
example to get me started?

I mostly used it for spam control, e.g.,

:0 B
* name=".*scr"

:0 H :
* $ ^$trash_header

but for delivery to alternate directories or users as
well. This one puts mail addressed to a particular
e-mail address to a separate directory.

:0 :
* ^To:.*xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This one sends mail addressed to a particular
e-mail address to a different user on the same machine.

* ^To:.*xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
! ginger

This was for putting mailing list traffic in a
separate directory. Note, it sorts on a something
other than the To: header.

:0 :
* ^Delivered-To: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm not looking at your OP at the moment, but you
would probably be looking at using a Received: header.

More examples can be found by
$ man procmailex