Re: I create a folder named "a a" in GUI

on Tue, 28 Mar 2006 16:14:45 +0200, Sybren Stuvel
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ti1242350 enlightened us with:
I create a folder named "a a" in GUI
how to enter this folder in console using cd command?

I tried in many ways all failed "a a"

That should have worked. Are you sure it's "a a" and not "a a " or
something similar? Try "cd a" and then hit the TAB key.

That might work if there are no other folders beginning with a

Strange thing is I noticed that Windows now has TAB completion in the command
prompt. Sad thing is they HAD to do it differently.

Press TAB once and the first possible match appears - complete.
Press TAB AGAIN to get the next and so on.

Trust microsoft to do something in the most annoying way possible.
If you have 10 or more possible matches you have to press TAB again and again
and ...

Why they couldn't do it the same way as linux - oh I think I get it now, that
would admit that linux was better ...



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