Re: where do files go when you partition?

In alt.os.linux, on Tue 28 March 2006 16:39, John Salerno
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Robert Hull wrote:
In alt.os.linux, on Tue 28 March 2006 04:37, John Salerno
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i'll rely on windows for that stuff


i realize this is a linux group, but can you just not be so snobbish
about windows sometimes? i hardly have problems with it...

I realise that you are defensive, but I have nothing but problems with
all versions of Windoze, starting with machines that take 13 minutes to
come to the user prompt then another 9 to load my "preferences" at
work, going via the amount of time that it takes to do anything on a
machine that is well above its supposed minimum spec to the policy of
auto-executing any malicious software that it can find and onward to
machines that need to be reloaded after three days because a failed
rollback leaves them unable to access the hard drive.

At least that covers this week's problems.

All that without mentioning the deliberate policy of releasing Windoze
with vulnerabilities for which patches existed 6 months before it went
into "beta" (for that read pre-alpha).
Robert HULL

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