Re: Enabling telnet, ftp, pop3 for root...

matt_left_coast <not@xxxxxxxxxx> (06-04-06 06:55:22):

My system is just secure. Period.

That contradicts what you said in:

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"There is no TOTAL security."

How can you claim "My system is just secure. Period." while saying
"There is no TOTAL security."?

Depends on adverbs. 'Secure' vs. 'just secure' vs. 'totally secure' all
have different weights. However, 'just' secure is a bit discrete. I
meant, in your words, 'secure enough'.

It is clear to me that you can not successfully show where my system
fails and you will say what ever is convenient at the time, even if it
contradicts what you already have said, to continue your "win at all
costs, regardless of the facts" babbling.

Maybe. But you're no better. So I'd say, we stop here.