Re: Enabling telnet, ftp, pop3 for root...

matt_left_coast wrote:

Security, in no circumstance, is absolute.

That is true, but my system DOES ADD ADDITIONAL SECURITY It does it by
valid methods of adding security.

Now you are resorting to child-like techniques to try to pick more. Amusing, that. Nowhere did I dispute this claim; there was no need to emphasize it.

However, you can constantly build upon it, and improve it, and no matter what you're using, over
time, the ways to get around people attempting to break in can, and
often does, get quite complex if you really care about the data or
machine that you're trying to protect from the world. That's what it is
all about, period. If you only have certain tools available, then it
gets more complex. And if you have more tools available then the
average person, you're still making it more complex, you're just
dispersing the complexity across different subsystems; it is still

It is still an major incerase in security and you cant show otherwise.

Again, not disputed.

- Mike

Unless you can prove that you can sniff traffic to my system, you can't even
start to try to break the patterns I use for port knocking, PERIOD. If you
want to debate that, prove that you can sniff my traffic.

I wouldn't spend money on that task, as you probably have no data that would interest me. Now, if I knew that you have stored on your system the lottery picks for the next 10 years, and that was data that I wanted to have access to, then I would certainly try. There would be no guarantee that I would succeed, but I could get an account with your ISP and certainly try. You forget that all things are, in fact, possible, it is just a question of the motivation and the buying power to do it.

Finally, it would come down to a question of, do I want the information so badly as to risk prosecution under 18 USC 1030 or not, because there chances of getting so much CPU power in one state is not very high.

- Mike