Re: Enabling telnet, ftp, pop3 for root...

Ertugrul Soeylemez wrote:(to matt_left_coast)

One more thing: You're right about everything, because you're god. So
stop crying and leave me alone now. Don't bother replying to this
message, since I won't receive it.

I don't have to see both sides of this conversation to see you finally caught on about Matt. He'll keep at you until you either admit he's right, or killfile him and go away. If he can't do it through logical debate, he'll resort to shouting profanity and personal attacks. Either way, he wins - in his mind - and that is what is most important to him. The subject doesn't matter. Once you do killfile him, he will still reply because he must have the last word.

Congratulations on your action where he's concerned. You'll be better off.