Re: Enabling telnet, ftp, pop3 for root...

Sybren Stuvel wrote:

You now admit that you attack without any reasonable cause for such
an attack. You believe that your OPINION alone is justification for
an attack.

You are deliberately reading my words as being an attack,

Nope, you admitted that your attack did not need to be repeated. If there
was no attack then there was nothing that COULD be repeated.

even when I
try to explain I'm not attacking. A little psychological insight would
tell the world that this means you want to be attacked.

Wow, how twisted.

Good to you,
in your eyes you got what you wanted.

Then you admit again that you attacked.

Now go back to school.

Why? You are the one that can't address the technical points and have to
make your opinion about me the method you use to attack my credibility! IF
you actually knew what you were talking about in regards to the technology,
then you would not need to use something like your OPINION to try to put me

You specifically stated that you did not need to repeat your attack because
people can already read it!

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I claimed: "I see you snipped the point where you attacked, why is that?"

Then in your reply you quoted my question and gave a reply DIRECTLY to that

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< begin quote >

I see you snipped the point where you attacked, why is that?

Because people have been able to read that which has been written. No
need for me to repeat it.

<End quote>

So, your response to being asked why you snipped the attack, you reply that
people can allready read it and there was no reason to repeat it. If you
had not attacked, there would have been NOTHING TO REPEAT. Your response
only makes sense if there was an attack that you could have repeated!