Re: Newbie looking for a distro... x86 what?

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.linux, in article
<pan.2006.>, Ed H. wrote:

M$ also made a version of Windoze for the Alpha.

And it sold as well as Internet Exploiter for Unix (for Sloaris). Both
were developed after Linux was supporting the Alpha.

It wasn't until AMD and Intel developed and released 64bit processors that
Linux was developed to work on said processors.

You might want to spend some time on google groups - Intel was doing
development work on the ia64 using Linux long before it was released
to the public. Go feel around through the ChangeLog files for the kernel.
They were using both their own compiler as well as gcc. I think Intel
learned from the Linux support/response to the 'F0 0F' bug back in
early November 1997. If you look hard enough, you _may_ even find the
Red Hat work on the ia64 _a_full_year_before_ the chip was released.

Old guy