Re: and i thought windows made a mess of files...

John Salerno wrote:
Here's another example: I just installed the vim-doc package (HTML
documation for vim), but now how do I access this? I don't know where it
is or what to type to launch it! The properties in Synaptic list a bunch
of directories, so that's no help. whereis vim-doc didn't help because
that isn't the name of the file apparently. I don't know how to access
it now.

manuals are consulted with the "man" comand

in theis case

$man vim

other examples:

$man mount
$man fstab (no program here, it's a manual for a config file)
$man lilo
$man mencoder

man... there is "man" for allmost every command.

you are in your first days with linux, take it easy... did you learn windows
like you wanna learn linux in a week?
i'm a linux user for 3 years and still learning...