Re: Problem composing HTML mails in KMail

J.O. Aho wrote:

achindrabhatnagar@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I Installed SuSE linux 10.1 with KDE 3.5.1 and KMail 1.9.1.

I am still not able to compose my mails in HTML. Although there is a
toolbar to format the mail content with HTML, but when I copy and paste
a table from Spread Sheet or web page the formatting is lost and the
quoted mail content also looses its original html formatting.

You copy the data, not the html tags, you would need to show the source code
and from there cut'n'paste the code to your mail.

Thunderbird works this way, Outlook too!

Is it a problem or there is any configuration issue on my side?

No, just the microsoft idea of polluting mail with html-spam.


Mail conversation without HTML formatting, where some technical stuff
is to be discussed becomes a problem. Rich Text is good. Not always do
we discuss about command lines.

Is there any way I can enable this support in KMail, or should I switch
back toThunderbird?

- Achindra