Re: mp3 supports in linux

kanchipasupathy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
i use suse 10.0 , mp3 songs not playing.
how to play mp3 in linux?



mp3 support is taken out of SUSE for legal reasons. First of all, MP3 is a patented technology. Novell doesn't have the kind of money to pay for an unlimited-user license for it. Do you? I don't think so. That doesn't mean that MP3-playing programs aren't available. XMMS and mpg321 are good programs. Other choices include the proprietary RealPlayer, mplayer, kaboodle, Noatun, RhythmBox, the odd Music Player Daemon (MPD), which has a core program which no user-interface which plays the music, and different programs to control it, Orpheus and Longplayer, but there's probably many others. You can also use Xine and it's front-ends, such as Kaboodle and Xine-UI, but they are more for watching movies, like DVDs, than anything else.

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