Re: Synaptic problems (elive)

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:55:37 -0700, Rojo wrote:

I'm running the latest elive stable distro (0.4.2 ) and seem to be
unable to get Synaptic to function properly. Actually I should probably
be more specific and say Synaptic will not connect to most of the
repositories listed. It opens, it works, it lists programs in
repositories, it just wont connect/download when I try to install or
upgrade. I just recently installed elive (full hard drive install, not
running off live cd) on an Intel PC and everything seemed to be running
smoothly. I connect to the internet just fine (surfing on Firefox) but
when I tried playing a DVD and was unable to do so (not an uncommon
Linux problem I've learned) I figured it was a codec issue. I opened
Synaptic to see what was installed (the correct files seemed to be
installed already according to several websites), clicked "Reload" and
received a long list of error mesages which basically said (to sum
things up) that it was unable to connect to several repositories. I
checked to make sure the setting were correct and that it was set to
"direct connection to the internet". Everything looked ok so I tried
again. Same thing. I hit cancel and tried to mark a few programs for
instalation (such as Thunderbird as a test) and when I hit apply it
started downloading the packages but hung up on the last one. When I
got tired of waiting (10 minutes later) and hit cancel, it displayed an
error message saying it's connection to almost all of the repositories
failed. Some displayed "hit" and some displayed "done" next to their
name, but most just said "failed". I'm pretty new to Linux (so please
be gentle) so I am in no way an expert but I was able to use Synaptic
just fine in my previously installed distro (Ubuntu "Dapper Drake").
So, my question actually has two parts... whats up with Synaptic and
why can't I play any DVD's? I'd be more than happy with a response to
either one. I thank all of you in advance for your assistance.

Could you please post the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list - that is
where I'd start based on your description.