Newbie needs help

I've installed a fresh copy of Mandrake 9.0. I cannot get into the GUI.
What is the command line to get to the GUI?

Mandrake was intalled with KDE and GNOME. But after the computer
boots it goes to command line interface... From there I can log in and
put my password in but little more than that...

Obviously I'm a complete noob. I bought the 3 disks back in the day and
as I have dial-up and dont want to spend 2 days getting a newer

Another problem that I have is that I cannot get to the net, so I have
to reboot to win to get to the net. The two OSs are on completely
different HDDs. I have a dialup, using a winmodem. I have gotten to the
point where I know there is a Linux version to the driver but they were
pulled of the net for some reason...

ModemBlaster: DI3635-1/5655

I also have another modem, it is slower, but I can try it out just so I
could get Linux to get on the net... This is a full hardware modem I

FCC ID FQU-336-04040

I know... I sould get a newer version, I should get cable or DSL, or I
should get xxx. Lets not go there. I'm not doing well, so I cannot spend
money on anything... Even to get a newer version of the OS in a
different flavor.

What I would like is for someone to help me with what I got. Or maybe
send me a newer version of the OS, by mail please. As over the net is
not an option.

Thnaks in advance