Re: Would it be possible to mail...

kolosus wrote:

I have an older computer. I would like to try out a Linux disto on it.
Right now PCLinuxOS, Freespire, Mandriva, Knoppix, SimplyMEPIS, (other
live-cd distros) catch my eye. I'd like to get them and run them on my
computer. Basically I'm just trying to move away from Windows. But it is
hard. Problem is, I have Dial-up. Linux is not dial-up friendly, or
at-least, not friendly to my modem.

Well that brings me to my next problem. I don't want to have to download
the whole thing from scratch. So I had an idea. How About someone mail
me the iso's on CDs (I don't have DVD). In return for the favor I'd mail
back to the person two sets of iso's burned to disk, or two sets of
installation CDs burned from the iso's. I wouldn't want Puppy Linux or
DSL, because I could get them through dial-up.

So what say you? No back-stabbing involved. I'm going to keep my word.
Obviously I don't want 100 copies of Mandriva in my mail-box (then, it'd
be hard to keep to my side of the bargain) so, please email me first. My
email is kolosus at Then we can work things out from there.

Thanks in advance.

They deliver many Linux flavor

Many distro are less than $10!

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